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  • “Il coraggio di osare nuove strade”. Il credo di Superpartes.

Superpartes Innovation Campus has a unique and distinctive positioning in the Italian incubators scene

Our campus takes a distinctive approach to identify and grow new companies. During the scouting phase, project selection is performed by seasoned entrepreneurs:  only few projects are brought to life in the innovation campus.  After the scouting phase, support to young growing companies comes in the form of economic resources, mentorship services and technology development performed by our creative and passionate team. The aim is to create, sustain and grow companies with a particular focus on the Internet of Things, mobile technologies and their applications to the industrial Internet.  Superpartes Innovation Campus is an Open Innovation lab: we share skills, we share risks, we share passions and we share results!


internet of things

If you think that the Internet has changed your life, think again.
The loT is about to change it all over again

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Our young companies

logo partner Digital Brand Experience
logo partner Crafting mobile apps is our mission
logo partner The Sense of Motion
logo partner One world, one remote
logo partner Rock The Docs
logo partner Revolutionise your shopping experience
logo partner Digital interactive guides written by local authors
logo partner Healthcare web and mobile solutions

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Via Enrico Stassano, 29 – 25125 Brescia (BS)
Phone: +39 030 3581688 Email: info@superpartes.biz